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Our Beginnings

One of the oldest continuously operating businesses in Connersville had its beginning as the C. E. Thompson Funeral Home. Founded in 1902 by Charles E. Thompson who came to Connersville from Frankfort, Ohio.

The original location was located in a storefront location at 627 N. Central Avenue and later moved across the street at 624 N. Central Avenue.

In the early days funeral homes consisted of an office and a place to stable the horses and later the motorized vehicles needed to conduct funerals at residences and churches.

An advertisement in the 1911 Free Fair book, Charles Thompson advertised funerals and ambulance service. The telephone number in 1911 was 102.

In 1919 Mr. Thompson and his wife Etta were joined by Harry and Ella Brown to form the partnership later known as the Thompson Brown Funeral Home. Throughout America, at the end of World War II, funeral homes began to evolve into larger facilities more suitable for conducting funerals at those locations. Thompson Brown Funeral Home was no different. Mr. & Mrs. Thompson lived in a larger home at 513 West 8th Street which was converted to a funeral home. The Thompsons lived in the upstairs portion of the home and funerals were conducted downstairs.

During those years both the Thompsons and the Browns were active in civic affairs and were well respected in the community. Mr. Thompson passed away in 1955 and the funeral home was operated by Mr. & Mrs. Brown until Mr. Brown’s death in 1966.

In December of 1966 Leonard E. Urban a 23 year old funeral director who had been working in Hagerstown came to purchase the funeral home from Mrs. Brown. The next several years saw a great need for improvements to the funeral home with emphasis on expansion of the building and the parking facilities. A great amount of time and resources were devoted to improvement of the physical structure of the funeral home to make it the beautiful facility we have today.

The years from 1967 also saw an increase in the number of families being served at the Thompson-Brown-Urban Funeral Home. In 1989 another funeral director became a partner in the funeral home. Wade Winkler came to Connersville to assist in the operation of the funeral home which became known as the Urban-Winkler Funeral Home.

In 2002 at the 100th anniversary of our founding we completed yet another expansion and re decorating and celebrated this milestone with an open house. At the time of the Connersville Bicentennial the Urban-Winkler Funeral Home will be celebrating our 111th year of service to the community. In 111 years of our existence there have been 4 owners with 2 of them still serving today.

Today we still have a commitment to serve families according to the Golden Rule and we have been well blessed to remain the most widely selected funeral home in the area.